Our Project is Well Under Way

This post comes a little late chronologically but we think it’s still relevant to share!

Our Kickstarter campaign was a success! 107% funded, we raised just over $1800 which will pay for the recording fees, web services, CD Baby costs, CD printing and Kickstarter gifts to the donors. Although we anticipate a little out of pocket cost for extra odds and ends, the support of our generous donors will be keeping us out of debt! And there’s nothing better for making awesome music than a stress free mind 🙂

What can you expect from our upcoming project? It will be a 5-track EP (with a special hidden track of course!) which will be available on CD and as a digital download. We will also be recording a remix version of our single, Nothing But Love, which we will also use as the audio for a music video. One of the gifts to some of the Kickstarter donors is to have their name featured in the video so we are very excited for this part of the project.

We hope to have the album available to everybody by April. We also hope to have a permanent drummer by the time the album is released so that we can properly begin playing shows and getting loud.

That’s all for today’s update. Drop us a line on the facebook or twitter and let us know what you think and what you’re up to!

~ David and Roger : Curiouser

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